UK and Nailsworth average happiness June 2018

Hopefully we all want 100% happiness for ourselves, for our loved ones and, even more hopefully, for everyone else. Even though average happiness level in Nailsworth and UK have seen a slight downward trend in the last 3 months, it’s good to know which aspects have got worse so we can tackle them. Before going into the detail of the downward trend, you can compare how you do to the “average happiness” by following this link: Assess your own happiness There’s also a few suggestions on how to get to 100%.

For both the UK and Nailsworth (my home town), in rounded figures, average happiness is 84%. However, compared to March 2018, there has been a drop of 0.1%. The updated figures reveal a decrease in air quality and a slight increase in crime, both affecting our individual wellbeing. This has been counteracted a little by increases in our self-esteem and our satisfaction with the amount of leisure time we have.

On an individual level we can improve air quality by burning less petrol, diesel and gas in our cars and heating systems. The good news is that this often saves us money and improves environmental protection at the same time. Alternatives to single passenger car journeys include car shares, public transport and good old cycling. In the home, careful heating controls on your boiler will help. And if you have a particularly old boiler you will be amazed at how much money an upgrade will save you.

Stepping up a level, you can also lobby your local politicians to express your concern. After all, one estimate suggests that 44,000 UK citizens die prematurely each year due to poor air quality. Politicians should influence national legislation and enforcement of factors affecting air quality. One particular bugbear of mine is the state of the cycle track between Nailsworth and Stroud. Surely a better quality cyclepath will encourage more cycling?

Not all happiness data is updated every 3 months. So figures on social life, environmental protection, food security and other factors will be updated later on in the year.  Please stay in touch by following this blog. And a quick reminder you can compare yourself to “average” here: Assess your own happiness

One last thing.  For any business owners or senior managers wanting to do their bit to protect our environment and our wellbeing, please get in touch and see how this approach can increase income.

Stay happy everyone.

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