Average happiness in Nailsworth, Stroud and UK – September 2018

Hopefully we all want 100% happiness for ourselves, our loved ones and, even more hopefully, for everyone else as well. So it’s good news that average happiness in Nailsworth, Stroud and the UK, has seen a very slight increase compared with last quarter. Before going into the detail of the trend and just to let you know, you can see how you compare to the “average happiness” by following this link: Assess your own happiness There’s also a few suggestions on how to get to 100%.

For both the UK, Nailsworth (my home town) and Stroud, in rounded figures, average happiness is 84%. Compared to June 2018, there has been an increase of around 0.4%. The biggest factor leading to this improvement is lower CO2 emissions per head, which means better protection from flooding and overheating. Although the “improvement” in the Nailsworth and Stroud area was better than the rest of the UK , we started off from quite a bad position and we are still slightly worse. For example, CO2 emissions for the average person in Stroud and Nailsworth was 4.8 tonnes per year, but for the rest of the UK it was 4.7 tonnes. So a bit of catching up to do there. In any case we all need to do more to get down to 2.1 tonnes, which is what the science says is safest.

Other than that, in the Stroud area crime has decreased and water security has improved, both of which have got worse for the rest of the UK. On the downside, air quality has decreased everywhere, but even more so in the Stroud and Nailsworth area (88% safe air quality down to 82%).

No change in self-esteem, our social relationships nor our overall work-life balance, the data for which still shows we have a long way to go to achieve 100% happiness for all. You can see the “gaps” between average figures for these and ideal levels, on the HappyNow website .

Not all happiness data is updated every 3 months. So figures on social life, food security and other factors will be updated later on in the year, so please stay in touch by following this blog or contact me to receive a quarterly newsletter . And a quick reminder you can compare yourself to “average” here: Assess your own happiness .

Stay happy everyone.

Thanks for reading this blog.  Here’s some other resources you may be interested in.  Individuals – measure you own happiness with 3 simple questions: HappyNow Project  Organisations – get in touch for environmental management for profit: Contact

2 thoughts on “Average happiness in Nailsworth, Stroud and UK – September 2018

    1. Thanks for the query Meg. It is from Defra’s Local Authority data published each year. It tends to be a year old, but it’s the most recent available. Hope that helps.


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