Average happiness in Nailsworth, Stroud and UK – December 2018

How happy do we want to be? Hopefully we all want 100% happiness for ourselves, our loved ones and, even more hopefully, for everyone else as well. And hopefully we’ll want it for the rest of our lives. It may seem difficult to express happiness or wellbeing in numbers, but it can be done and here is a bundle of the latest statistics that impact upon our long term wellbeing.

Average long term wellbeing in the Nailsworth and Stroud areas has more or less stayed the same at 84% when compared to last quarter. Before going into the detail of the trend and just to let you know, you can see how you compare to the “average happiness” by following this link: Assess your own happiness There’s also a few suggestions on how to get to 100% and an explanation of how the average figure is calculated.

First the good news:

  • Our food security is a little better compared to last year, standing at 77.5% according to the annual data release from The Economist magazine. A large part of not being “100% secure” is due to environmental impacts on crop yields and supply chains.
  • Our self esteem continues to rise – really important part of our wellbeing.

A few changes stand out that will adversely affect our long term wellbeing:

  • Crime continues to rise
  • Air quality is getting worse. The Nailsworth and Stroud area lags behind the rest of the UK. In the last 12 months 81% of days in the Nailsworth and Stroud area had clean air, for the rest of the UK 88% of days had clean air.

As a mild asthma sufferer myself, I went for my annual check-up recently. I was alarmed to learn that there is a higher than average prevalence for asthma in my area. So I thought I’d check the statistics. The first thing I found was that the NHS regions don’t necessarily correlate with the air quality measurement regions (when are we going to get joined up on this kind of thing?). Nevertheless, according to NHS figures Gloucestershire asthma prevalence is 6.6% of the population and the England average is less at 5.9%. Given that our air quality is lower than the rest of England this sounds bad for asthma. Asthma UK website says that air pollution affects asthma sufferers more and that there is research to indicate that air pollution actually causes asthma.

Asthma aside, there are still massive gaps between our current position and the ideal 100% happy position. You can see the “gaps” between average figures and ideal levels, on the HappyNow website .

Not all happiness data is updated every 3 months. Figures on social life, carbon emissions and other factors will be updated later on in the year, so please stay in touch by following this blog. And a quick reminder you can compare yourself to “average” here: Assess your own happiness .

Please contact me if you would like to receive quarterly updates on long term wellbeing / happiness figures. I’ll happily add you to my mailing list.

Stay happy everyone.

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