Electric cars and vans – private and business

Electric cars and vans will play a key role in the future of transport. As well as reducing CO2 emissions and local air pollution, they are extremely cost effective to run.

We offer great cost effective solutions for individuals and businesses in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. We can help with outright purchase and lease options.

For those businesses with fleets, even if EVs aren’t for you right now, our fleet management software and service can significantly reduce the cost of running and managing all aspects of vehicles, plant & machinery and drivers, and will help you stay compliant.

Tracking and telematics can help you to benchmark your drivers so your whole team can learn and benefit from fuel efficient driving.

We can retrofit dashcams which demonstrate a duty of care and provide increased security for drivers.

Here are some facts and figures:

  • 38% – 65% cheaper per mile to run compared to petrol or diesel vehicles
  • Zero local emissions – so cuts down on local air pollution
  • 66% less CO2 emissions per mile than using petrol or diesel (if using grid electricity to charge your EV this will cause CO2 emissions at the power station – but these emissions are less than burning petrol or diesel in the engine)
  • Even higher CO2 savings if you have your own renewable electricity supply
  • Tracking and camera technology can typically save 15% of fuel and repair costs – even better for the environment and the bottom line

Electric vehicles are good PR for your business – if used well you could get increased sales and improved staff retention (see profit calculator), and demonstrates good corporate and social responsibility.

Please get in touch if you would like a quote for EVs for your private or business use.  Here is some useful leasing advice: