Unless specifically agreed otherwise, all contact details held by Lupopia are either:

  • for the furtherance of agreed work contracts
  • or to stay in touch because you are interested in my services or information and have agreed to do so.

Personal contact data stored is only on google contacts, iphone contacts, google mail, Natwest Bank, Freeagent (for billing only).

WordPress also logs details of those people who have positively opted in to follow our blogs.  For information, the blogs are updates on the interlinkages between environment and wellbeing and how this is coming into everyday standards.  They are combined in the HappyNow project.  Click here to read more:  HappyNow  Feel free to “follow” our blogs for regular updates.

All these platforms have compliant GDPR policies and very high levels of security.

We have appointed a data protection officer and our IT systems have excellent, mainstream security on them.  We have a breach plan and proactive auditing systems in place.