The idea behind the HappyNow project is to encourage everyone to maximise their own long term wellbeing (we use the terms wellbeing/happiness/life satisfaction interchangeably for this project) .  This includes a range of things, such as:

  • protecting our environment to secure food supply for the rest of your and your kids’ lives
  • having a great social life
  • increased financial security

Answer three simple questions (Q3, Q4 and Q5 below) to get your own “long  wellbeing” score out of 100.  Then see below the table for suggestions on how to make things better for you and everyone else.  If you are in a senior position in an organisation, there are some suggestions for you too.  For a little more on the methodology behind this see this blog: Measuring wellbeing

We release a “longterm wellbeing” update every quarter.  Please “follow” to get the latest data and updates on wellbeing.  Or contact us to be included on the mailing list.


Security – at the moment we all score less than 25.  Two big reasons for not scoring 25 are crime rates and environmental damage.  See Measuring Wellbeing to read how environmental protection also leads to our own security.

Improve your own security : Police advice

Improve environmental protection, for a good start review what you can do in your home: Energy calculator

Social – if you score between 6 and 9 it may be time to have a party or go for a walk with friends.  Anything less than 6 may mean other advice is needed.  This website has some good ideas:  Campaign to end loneliness

Esteem – if you score between 6 and 9 you may want to consider entering a competition or qualifying in something you’re really interested in.  Anything less than 6 and you may want to consider other advice to combat low self-esteem: How to increase your self-esteem

Self-actualisation – this is about pursuing the things you love doing and give you “peak experiences”. For something so important for human wellbeing, there is little in the way of “official” advice on this matter.  It will be different for different people and you may find your own resource with a quick google search.  Here’s one example: 4 steps to self-actualise .  Often a major barrier to achieving this is lack of time and a poor work-life balance (“work” may also be other pressures on your time).  If you scored yourself low on this measure, this website may offer some useful tips:  Work life balance

Businesses and organisations

Please see this calculator to create a business case for environmental improvements to see how much extra income your business can generate.  Surprisingly, energy savings are a small part when compared to extra sales and staff retention:  Profits from environmental credentials – how to make the business case

If you want to make environmental improvements to your business or organisation, please get in touch.

Feel free to use this “cut-out-and-keep” company wellbeing strategy:  “Cut out and keep” company wellbeing strategy

If you are a Gloucestershire business supplying goods and services that help improve wellbeing (e.g. environmental protection, financial security, life-coaching) then maybe you would like to support the HappyNow project.  Please get in touch to find out how support could lead to more customers for you.